How might Bowen treatment help?

Bowen therapy is a soft tissue remedial therapy that involves the therapist using fingers or thumbs to move over muscle, ligament, tendon and fascia in various parts of the body.  The treatment addresses problems arising from over-loaded structural stress points, so Bowen can be effective in helping to relieve aches and pains from injuries, accidents, strain, overuse and sports injuries.  It can also be effective in helping to relieve the effects of anxiety, everyday stresses and demanding schedules.   

Each Bowen therapy session varies according to the particular problems of the client. By focusing on the lower and mid back, the legs, the upper back, shoulders and the neck, muscles release tension so the aches and pains diminish or disappear and a sense of wellbeing can be achieved. 

By helping to release stress at a very deep level, a Bowen treatment may help stimulate the body to resolve and repair problems.  In contrast to many other hands-on therapies, Bowen does not attempt to force the body to change; rather it prompts the body to recognise and make the changes necessary to bring it back to homoeostasis (physiological equilibrium).

Bowen treatment may be of assistance in many cases of emotional distress, where relaxation is a prime factor in easing pain and anxiety.

Bowen is suitable for all ages from newborns to frail, elderly people. 

Parents and carers have reported improvement in symptoms of many childhood ailments and problems after their children have received Bowen Therapy.  They also notice improved posture, balance, co-ordination and the ability to cope better with the effects of stresses or trauma.

Please telephone or email Janie to have a discussion about your needs and to find out how Bowen may be able to help you.