What is a Bowen Treatment like?

Bowen treatment is given through light clothing and is very gentle and non-invasive.

The practitioner uses thumbs and fingers to make gentle and small rolling-type moves over muscles and connective tissue at precise points of the body.  These little sets of moves stimulate the muscles, soft tissue and energy in the body.  After each set of moves, the practitioner leaves the room for about two minutes, leaving the client to rest.  These short breaks are very important and are unique to Bowen treatment.  They provide a space in which the body can respond to the treatment with the subtle and fine adjustments that begin the repair and healing process.

For most people, Bowen treatment appears to ‘un-block’ the repair and recovery process, prompting and assisting the body to use its own built-in resources to recover, repair, restore, balance, integrate or realign itself.  Pain relief and recovery of energy are common responses to Bowen.  People consistently find the experience of a treatment to be exceptionally relaxing.

An appointment lasts about 60 minutes.  The immediate effects of a Bowen treatment continue for a number of days afterwards as the response develops.  For this reason, appointments are usually one week apart.

A response to Bowen will be apparent within one to three or, maximum, four treatments.  If more treatments are needed, they are undertaken with the knowledge that Bowen is resolving a problem.  Bowen practitioners have observed that approximately 80% of their clients do respond to Bowen with significant improvement or complete resolution of their complaints.  This makes Bowen a very time-and cost-effective treatment option.