Janie Godfrey

CertECBS  VTCT  MBTA  CNHC  NHS Directory of Comp and Alt Practitioners

Janie is a Bowen Technique practitioner covering the Frome area.  She has run the Frome Bowen Clinic since 1999 and so brings years of experience of watching what Bowen can do for a wide variety of conditions and complaints.
She trained in The Bowen Technique with the European College of Bowen Studies (E.C.B.S.) - scroll down to see the full list of her training.  She has participated in a number of Bowen Technique research studies.

Janie has written many articles about Bowen, which have appeared in magazines such as Nurse2Nurse, Nursing Scotland, Primary Care Today and International Therapist (to read a selection of them, please see the Articles and case histories section of this website). 

She also wrote the regular column on The Bowen Technique in Today’s Therapist and Choice Health and Well-being magazine from 2002 to 2014.

Professional Memberships

  • full member of the professional regulating body for accredited Bowen therapists, the Bowen Therapist's Professional Association (BTPA) - www.bowentherapy.org.uk
  • member of the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council (CNHC), which is the only voluntary regulatory body for complementary healthcare with official government backing through the Department of Health – www.cnhc.org.uk

In addition to her qualifications in The Bowen Technique, Janie holds a certificate in Clinical Pastoral Education from Gaston Episcopal Hospital (Dallas, Texas), and practiced in chaplaincy and pastoral care there and in Canada for some years.

Note about the CNHC:  The Bowen Technique was accepted onto the register of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) as of 15th February 2010.  Endorsed by the Department of Health, CNHC provides assurance to the public, health insurance companies, doctors and other health professionals that the Registered Practitioner has met all recognised standards for safe practise.  Registration with CNHC is seen as the 'gold standard' for complementary health practitioners


Janie trained in Bowen with the European College of Bowen Studies, qualifying in 1998 and since has attended many Continuing Professional Development workshops, which to date (beginning with the most recent) are:

June 2018   Ultimate Bowen  Workshop   Julian Baker – CBS
April 2017 Emmett Technique Modules 1 & 2 Judith Johnson – Emmett Therapies
April 2016 Assessment Workshop      Michael Morris – CBS
October 2014 The Spine Julian Baker - ECBS
June 2014 The Heart of Healthcare Conference Dr Patricia Saintey / Dr Rosy Daniel
May 2014 Fascial Lines, Tensegrity & Assessment for Bowen Practitioners Kelly Clancy
February 2014 Red Flags workshop Dr David Laird
July 2012 Health Creation Mentor development workshop Dr Rosy Daniel
October, November 2012 /
January, March 2012
Health Creation Mentor Training Dr Rosy Daniel, Integrative
Mediciine practitioner, Director of Health Creation
September 2011 Bowen for Mother and Baby Sylvia Wilkinson, ECBS
May 2011 SenseAbility  -  the effect of underperforming senses  Pauline Allen, Director, The Sound Learning Centre, London
October 2010 The Way of the Dream – film seminar on the work of Carl Jung Dr Marie Louise von Franz
April 2010 Bowen Technique Conference Dr Robert Schliep, Dr Lorimar Moseley, Dr Alex Concorde
April 2010 The Anatomy of Bowen Julian Baker, ECBS
August 2009     Integral Anatomy Lecture    Gil Hedley, PhD
March 2009        Bowen Fascia Work           Howard Plummer
September 2008 Fascia workshop         Gil Hedley, PhD
November 2008      Emotional Freedom Techniques, Part 2   Phoenix Training
October 2008 Emotional Freedom Techniques, Part 1       Phoenix Training
April 2008  Shoulder & Pelvic Workshop  Julian Baker
May 2007  Anatomy Trains    Tom Myers
November 2006 Acupuncture-Bowen Connection – Part Two   Susan Woodhead
September 2006 TMJ/Respiratory/Diaphragm      Julian Baker, E.C.B.S.
August 2006    Acupuncture-Bowen Connection – Part One   Susan Woodhead
July 2006     Asthma & Respiratory       Alastair Rattray, E.C.B.S.
March 2006  Body Pathways       Julian Baker, E.C.B.S.
May 2005   The Amazing Nervous System Duffy Sweatman, physiotherapist
February 2005  Anatomy and Physiology of Connective Tissue Howard Plummer
January 2005   Anatomy 1   Paula Esson, E.C.B.S.
November 2003   Shoulder & Pelvic Workshop    Julian Baker, E.C.B.S.
March 2003 Advanced 2 Workshop    Julian Baker, E.C.B.S.
January 2002    Advanced 1 Workshop    Julian Baker, E.C.B.S.
July 2001        Practitioner Workshop            Julian Baker, E.C.B.S.
February 2001 Advanced 1 Workshop   Julian Baker, E.C.B.S
March 2000    Advanced 1 Workshop  Julian Baker, E.C.B.S.
August 1999   Practitioner Workshop    Julian Baker, E.C.B.S.
June 1998   Practitioner Workshop   Jocelin Tennent, E.C.B.S.


Janie has been one of the Bowen therapists involved in the regular research studies organised by her professional organisation, the Bowen Therapists’ European Register (www.bowentherapists.com). 
These have been:

2009:    Ankle and Knee Pain study
2008: Neck Pain and Restriction study
2007: Back Pain Study
2005: PMS Study