Janie wrote a regular column on The Bowen Technique in Today’s Therapist magazine from 2002 to 2014.  During that time, the magazine changed its name to Choice – Health and Wellbeing, as its market has expanded, and the Bowen column continued to appear in each issue.  (
Many of the articles that were published in that magazine, as well as some others by other authors, are linked, below.  Please click to read the article.

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Please note that many of these articles were published a few years ago and may have my old contact details on them. To get in touch please use the phone number above or email from the contact page. Thank you.

Article Publication  
Accident - head injury Choice Health & Wellbeing Nov-Dec 2013
Added extras Choice Health & Wellbeing Summer 2014
All sorts of problems Choice Health and Wellbeing July-Aug 2012
Anxious Times Choice Health & Wellbeing Jan-Feb 2014
Babies Choice Health and Wellbeing Oct-Nov 2012
Backs Today's Therapist October 2009
Backs Primary Care Today July 2004
Backs Choice Health and Wellbeing Oct-Nov 2010
Bear Grylls' battle with back pain Daily Mail April 2007
Birth Traumas Choice Health and Wellbeing Oct-Nov 2011
Born Survivor Today's Therapist February 2008
Bowen , Integration and Wholeness Green Spirit Journal Aug-Sept 2010
Bowen and Health Care Primary Care Today September 2002
Bowen Technique, an effective complement Nurse2Nurse June 2005
Braces and loss of wellbeing Choice Health and Wellbeing May-Jun 2009
Children and anxiety Today's Therapist May 2006
Engaging the immune system Today's Therapist January 2006
Elder Care Choice Health & Wellbeing Sept-Oct 2013
Emergencies Choice Health & Wellbeing Autumn 2014
Exercise a lot Today’s Therapist Mar-Apr 2009
Energy loss and tiredness Family Magazine December 2005

Giving the Right Signals

Frome Times  

Healing Power of Gentle Touch

Express Woman October 2003
Knee and ankle study Choice Health & Wellbeing February 2010
Lingering symptoms Choice Health and Wellbeing Feb-Mar 2011
Lump in the throat Today's Therapist March 2008
Lymphatic drainage Choice Health and Wellbeing Apr-May 2010
Mind-body integration Choice Health and Wellbeing June-July 2011
Mothers and Babies National Childbirth Trust  
Necks Today’s Therapist July – August 2009
Pain and Anxiety Alastair Rattray  
Pain Control Nurse2Nurse June 2001
Panic attacks Choice Health & Wellbeing Jan-Feb 2009
Pelvic area treatment Today's Therapist July 2007
Post head-injury problems Choice Health and Wellbeing Feb-Mar 2012
Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis Today's Therapist June 2008
Stuffy noses Today’s Therapist July – August 2008
Sleep problems Choice Health and Wellbeing Apr-May 2011
Sound Learning Centre Choice Health and Wellbeing Dec 2011 – Jan 2012
Sport and Bowen Massage World August 2002
Tinnitus Tinnitus FOCUS Magazine October 2006
Veterans – help with recovery Choice Health and Wellbeing Aug-Sept 2011